Daniel Sullivan

Building Massive Strings At The Flatiron School

Simple Apps With Sinatra

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This project is more or less a sandbox where I can test out new skills and concepts that we are learning here at Flatiron School. I tend to absorb material better when I apply it to projects that come from a personal place, so I figured I should stop waiting for the perfect time, or perfect amount of knowledge and build something of my own. I definitely have a stronger sense of intrinsic motivation when building my own projects as opposed to following tutorials or excercises built by someone else, but they each have their own place in the learning spectrum.


Sight Word Generator

Adding Disqus to Octopress

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After a few days of deliberation, I finally have my Disqus comments loading properly. There are a number of tutorials and blog posts on this topic already, not to mention the help section at Disqus, but for those still struggling, this may be your solution.